Art Director/ Creative Director (1 Position)

Bond INCO – Dubai, UAE

Job Type: Contract 1-3 months


Art directors make designs, manage layout and production, select photographs, and review artist materials. They guide visual artists like graphic designers, illustrators, and animators, and they help to manage content writers and copywriters. Some art directors can make decisions about budget, and they might train and hire creative staff.


  • Conceptualize ideas as per brand identity and business ambition
  • Producing 2D/3D computer graphics, making all the running processes including story writing, storyboarding, modeling, texturing, animation, rendering, visual effects and post¬≠production.
  • Collaborate with Concept team to establish the overall visual style and art direction of projects.
  • Create high-level concept images that are indicative of the final look of a project.
  • Design and develop a wide range of characters and props.
  • Design and develop backgrounds and establish floor plans for 3D sets.
  • Create color-boards for the main sequences of projects that inform the Lighting / Rendering department.
  • Work with and direct a small team of concept artists.
  • Translate designs into CG and solve any production challenges that may arise.
  • Work with production management to prioritize production tasks.
  • Designing and production of multimedia campaigns, handling budgeting and scheduling, and assisting with production coordination, background design and progress tracking.
  • Working as part of a broader production team, which might include liaising with printers, copywriters, photographers, designers, account executives, website designers or marketing specialists.



  • Bachelor of art or animation degree
  • Have experience in a lead role in a production.
  • Strong understanding of the principles of both character and background design.
  • Strong understanding of the principles of cinematic staging, color and lighting.
  • Have extensive experience working with a wide variety of styles, ranging from cartoony to realistic.



  • 2D/3D Character design and animation
  • 2D/3D Background design
  • Photorealistic texturing & rendering
  • High/Low Poly 3D modeling
  • UV mapping and Unwrapping
  • Creating photorealistic models by working from concept art or photo reference
  • Modeling and Texturing a diverse visual range of real time environments, props and characters
  • Editing videos and graphical sequences
  • Assist with color direction for backgrounds


Hands-on experience using:

  • Maya
  • 3Ds Max
  • Cinema 4D
  • Mudbox
  • ZBrush
  • After Effects
  • Premiere
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Vray


  • 6+ media industry experience
  • 2+ experience in this role
  • Educated to BS/MS level or equivalent within the relevant position, Marketing, General Arts, Design and Conceptualization

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